Eric Taylor

Eric Taylor


Eric Taylor

Eric Taylor was organized into the local in 2013 from Encore Fire Protection. He was working on tenant fit-out work for them. Eric had years of experience in the fire protection industry and was an excellent candidate for membership.


After being organized into the local Eric was placed with a signatory contractor who has employed him for almost 10 years. He initially went to work on large contract work and quickly worked his way to becoming a foreman. Eric was then offered a superintendent’s roll overseeing large contract work. After doing that for a few years he decided he wanted to go back to the field and work as a service technician. He has taken advantage of journeyman training at our education center which has expanded his knowledge in areas he needed help with, such as service, testing & inspection, and fire pump work. Without access to that journeyman training Eric wouldn’t have had the confidence in growing into these new rolls. He has absolutely taken full advantage of what local 550 has to offer and is doing incredibly well.

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