Maynard “Mick” Lemere

Maynard “Mick” Lemere


Maynard “Mick” Lemere

Mick was a foreman at A & E Fire Protection before being organized into Local 550 in 2018. He was in a company vehicle performing contract work and service work for them. With is skill set and work experience he was an excellent candidate for membership. Mick initially had reservations in jumping over to the union because he would be giving up his company vehicle and other perks he had at A & E Fire.


In 2018, after much conversation on the benefits of being a member of Local 550, Mick decided to make the move. He was placed with a Local 550 signatory contractor where he began his career as a union sprinkler fitter. In just over a year Mick worked his way back into a company vehicle and is now running work and on call for emergency service. With almost four years in the Local Union 550 Mick has secured the security of a pension and annuity along with lifelong health, dental and vision insurance. He has also since purchased his first home and is a very active member in our Local union with a voice in our union hall making decisions on raise allocations and the direction of Local 550.

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