Keno Bradshaw

Keno Bradshaw


Keno Bradshaw

Keno Bradshaw was organized into Local Union 550 as a residential journeyman in 2017. Before being organized he was working as a foreman on projects in the Greater Boston area. Keno is a minority and a lifelong Boston resident who held a MA Sprinkler Journeyman’s license and ample experience in the residential construction market. He was making a sub-standard wage and was working in less than desirable conditions.


After being educated on the benefits of union membership Keno decided to make the jump into Local 550. He was immediately placed at a large local 550 signatory contractor on a large residential project in East Boston. After completing his 3-year commitment to the residential division Keno was moved up to the building trades and continues to work for the same employer he started with. The wages and benefits he has earned as a member have allowed him to lead a financially stable life and has given his wife to go to school to earn her degree in nursing. These are goals that would never have been realized without the opportunity in membership. Keno has become a respected member of our local union and continues to thrive in Local 550.

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