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Governor Charlie Baker Halts Convention center Expansion - (7/8/2015)

Brothers & Sisters,

Please take a minute and read the article posted below describing Governor Charlie Baker's successful effort in halting the over $1 Billion expansion of the Convention Center which was secured under a project labor agreement to be 100% union.  Not only did he stop the convention center from moving forward, which halts several other projects around it that were slated to go, but he replaced several board seats that were held by labor leaders.  MAKE NO MISTAKE ABOUT IT, THE GOVERNOR DOES NOT HAVE YOUR BEST INTEREST IN MIIND!!!!  This also puts the bid to host the 2024 Summer Olympic Games in serious jeopardy as the expanded convention center was a key piece of having the ability and capacity to host the games.  This is just another example of the Governor putting the squeeze on organized working people, doing it all the while with a smile on his face!!!!


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