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BM Peter Gibbons Receives AFL/CIO Award - (5/31/2013)

Sprinkler Fitters and Apprentices Local 550 Business Manager/Financial Secretary/Treasurer, Peter Gibbons was recently presented with the 2013 MA AFL/CIO Gomperts/Murray/Meaney Merit Award by AFL/CIO President, Steve Tolman and Secretary-Treasurer Louis A. Mandarini, Jr. along with a MA Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from MA Congressman William R. Keating. "For your steadfast leadership of Sprinkler Fitters Local 550 and your tireless advocacy on behalf of your members and their families. For guiding your members through challenging economic times and protecting their hard earned wages, benefits and working hours through those times. For prioritizing political and legislative education among the member of Local 550 and for emphasizing the importance of electoral politics to advance Labor's agenda and protect everything we stand for. For your dedication and leadership, working selflessly for union members day in and day out." Congratulations to Business Manager Peter Gibbons and to all the members of Local 550 for this well deserved honor.

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