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Letter from GP Mark McManus Addressing a Serious Challenge to our Apprentice Programs - (7/16/2019)

Brothers & Sisters,

A task force has been created in Washington which has recommended the creation of a new type of apprentice program, which unlike our registered programs would not be subject to oversight by the U.S DOL or to a State Apprenticeship Agency.  This is a direct effort to undermine and weaken the standards in which apprentices are trained in our industry.  We ALL need to send a message to Washington that this is not acceptable.  Please take a moment to read the letter attached below from our General President Mark McManus on this important issue. 

click here for GP McManus' Letter

Please click on the link below that corresponds with your classification and fill out the online form.  It only takes 30 seconds

apprentice: https://www.saveuaapprenticeships.org/#/22/

journeyman/retirees: https://www.saveuatraining.org/#/23/

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