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Dear Members,


It has come to our attention that Turner Construction plans on Drug Testing on all jobs starting with MGH. Turner has had no discussions with Local 550 or the Building Trades prior to implementation. As most of you know, we have Drug Testing language in our C.B.A.  Labor and Management worked hard during negotiations a few years ago to come up with a program that has results and has an Employee Assistance Plan built into it. If Turner would like to hire from the Drug Free Contractor pool that might make more sense for what they are trying to accomplish. Local 550’s position is that Drug Testing is already covered in our Bargaining Agreement; therefore no drug testing by C.M.’s of 550 members will be done without prior discussions, unless there is a P.L.A. on the project. I look forward to beginning discussions with Turner on this issue and will be updating all of you as more details become available.

I will be notifying Turner of our opposition to this issue.

If there are any questions or concerns, please either email me at,  peter@sprinklerfitters550.org or call me either at the office or on my cell phone, both phone numbers are found below.


Thank you,


Peter Gibbons

Business Manager/Secretary Treasurer

Sprinkler Fitters Local 550

46 Rockland Street

Boston, MA 02132

617-323-0474 office

617-323-1373 fax

617-828-8270 mobile


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