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We have created this page in conjunction with the United Association Political & Legislative Affairs Department to enable members to GET INVOLVED in the political and legislative process.  For local and regional politics we will update you with current information.

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Through the International, you can visit their website to access effective grass-roots tools that will allow you to GET INVOLVED at both the national and local level.  Up-to-date information on recent events is also made available on both websites for key legislative and political issues relevant to workers and the labor movement.
The United Association views legislative and political affairs among our top goals and priorities, primarily because of the impact on jobs and on our future.  And, today, the need for every UA member to be politically and legislatively active is greater than ever before. Our efforts are focused on protecting rights of workers and unions and creating good jobs for working families.  Our strength, as always, lies in our solidarity – when our voices united as one, we cannot be ignored.
Now is the time to GET INVOLVED!   Whether you are veteran UA member or a first-year apprentice --your involvement is essential to our future.


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Our New Mayor Martin J. Walsh - (11/7/2013)

Brothers & Sisters,

We helped make history this past Tuesday night!!  We helped elect one of our own, a union brother to the most powerful office in the City of Boston.  Martin J. Walsh is our new Mayor of Boston!!!!!  Marty comes from a long line of union laborers.  He believes in the same values that we do.  HE IS ONE OF US!!!  Let this historical victory be a lesson as to how effective the labor movement can be when WE WORK TOGETHER!!!  There is truly nothing we cannot accomplish when we stick together, volunteer a little spare time and collectively work to a common goal!!!  BY ELECTING MARTY AS OUR NEXT MAYOR WE PROVED THAT WE CAN ACCOMPLISH AMAZING THINGS WHEN WE WORK AS A TEAM!!!  We are truly proud of the efforts that our great local put forward.  Local 550 may be a smaller city local compared to others but WE PLAY BIG!!!  We carried our weight in a part of the city that was so critical to Marty's victory.  Thank you to the members who dedicated their own time to help with this race.  Your efforts were not in vain and WE WILL ALL reap the benefits of your hard work!!!!

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