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We have created this page in conjunction with the United Association Political & Legislative Affairs Department to enable members to GET INVOLVED in the political and legislative process.  For local and regional politics we will update you with current information.

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Through the International, you can visit their website to access effective grass-roots tools that will allow you to GET INVOLVED at both the national and local level.  Up-to-date information on recent events is also made available on both websites for key legislative and political issues relevant to workers and the labor movement.
The United Association views legislative and political affairs among our top goals and priorities, primarily because of the impact on jobs and on our future.  And, today, the need for every UA member to be politically and legislatively active is greater than ever before. Our efforts are focused on protecting rights of workers and unions and creating good jobs for working families.  Our strength, as always, lies in our solidarity – when our voices united as one, we cannot be ignored.
Now is the time to GET INVOLVED!   Whether you are veteran UA member or a first-year apprentice --your involvement is essential to our future.


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ALL HANDS ON DECK - (10/28/2015)

Brothers and Sisters,


We only have 1 week left before election day!!!  The time is now to get involved and help push the candidates that support union workers over the finish line.  Please make an effort to attend AT LEAST 1 of the following coordinated labor to labor that are happening in the next week:




Tuesday 10/27 @ 4pm: Labor to Labor walks from Adams Field located at 1 Merrymount Parkway in Quincy

Wednesday 10/28 @ 4pm: Phelan Sign Holding located at the corner of Rice Rd and Quincy Shore Dr

Thursday 10/29 @4pm: Worker Rally supporting Bill Phelan for Mayor at Quincy City Hall located at 1305 Hancock St in Quincy Center

Tuesday 11/3 (Election Day): GOTV Program knocking doors of ID’d supporters to remind them to “GET OUT THE VOTE” 


CAMPAIGN TO ELECT REP MIKE BRADY TO STATE SENATE: (Headquarters located at 623 Centre St, Brockton)



Saturday 10/31 @ 9:30am: Canvass kick-off with Congressman Joe Kennedy

Canvass & Phone Shifts: 10am, 1pm, 4pm


Sunday 11/1 @ 10am - Canvass kick-off with Senate President Stan Rosenberg, former Massachusetts Democratic Party chairman John Walsh & current chairman Tom McGee

Canvass & Phone Shifts @ 10am, 1pm, 4pm


Monday 11/2: Canvass & Phone Shifts @ 11am, 2pm, 5pm


Brothers and Sisters I urge you to please make every effort to help with at least one of these upcoming campaigns.  We hope to see you there.  If you have any questions at all please call Organizer Matt Jones (781-367-2548). Thank you for your continued support.


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